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Key West

The following is from Penny's facebook page.
Today is the 13th and is the first time we've had internet this week.
Sitting in a neat lil coffe shop in Key West, entering this.
Hope to add some more pics next time.

March 8 - 9 Gulf of Mexico

I won't get to send this note until tomorrow because we are in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico now. It's 10:30 pm and we have to sail until morning to get to Key West. Dan is sleeping and it's my watch. The boat is on autopilot so all I have to do is sit here and keep an eye on the horizon for other boats. The sky is clear and the full moon is very bright. The wind is steady at about 12 mph, we're doing between 5.5 and 6.0 knots. The seas are probably about 3 or 4 ft. I can't look at the water or it will make me sick. Isn't that weird? The motion of the boat doesn't bother me but looking at the waves.

2:30 am Well Dan took a watch and I went in the aft stateroom to take a nap. I used to wonder why sailboats had so many grab bars. No more! It's fine if you're just sitting in the cockpit but when you start moving around, it's like a fun house.

Did I say nap? Not so much. I never heard more squeaks and groans and " voices". There's a lot to get used to on passages.

9:00 am Dan took over my watch at 6:00 and I slept until 8:00. We are in the channel to Key West now. We just saw a SUBMARINE go by with it's support ship. Support ship said ATM on the side. Wonder what kind of work they are doing. I hope all our passages are this uneventful. We still have to maneuver past the cruise ships and get tied up to a mooring ball. We said goodbye to SW Florida last night. The only reason we would ever go back is my family. It's been a year of letting go. Pets, plants, house, stuff, cars, job and finally familiar environment. Because of our travels over the years we are somewhat familiar in the Bahamas and the Caribbean but there's a whole lot of stuff we don't know about...yet.

March 10 - Key West

We didn't get settled on at Garrison Bight until noon on Friday. We were pretty much zombies by then so we took a nap, had dinner and tried to make plans for Saturday.

Putting the motor on the dinghy is a pretty scary proposition since it has to dangle from it's crane over the water/ dinghy until I lower it into position. Dan waits in the dinghy to line it up and attach it. I sure wish we had a smaller lighter motor. We had to take the dinghy out for a spin to be sure it was working OK and then since it was real windy we got all salty and had to go clean up and change our clothes

Putting the bikes in the dinghy was a piece of cake by comparison.

We locked the dinghy at the dinghy dock and took the bikes down to the main waterfront area and had lunch. We went and saw the butterfly garden on Duval Street and Nancy's Secret Garden where they have Orchids and Parrots. two of my favorite things.

We found the Mel Fisher Atocha museum but it was late by then so we'll visit it on Sunday.

Monday, Mar.12,

We got a late start on Sunday. It was very windy and even our raincoats didn't keep us completely dry on our ride to the dinghy docks. Our mission? Find rust remover for the fiberglass. ( We researched this in advance so we knew where to go and what to get) Why rust remover you might ask. WhileI was in Ft.Myers I spent DAYS polishing the front decks and the whole top of the boat, really so the dirt would rinse off easy. Then we got to Marco Island and decided to mark the 2 anchor chains every 30 feet so we'd know how much rode we had out when we anchored. Good idea except we couldn't notice as our chain came out of the locker to lie out on the dock, little flecks of rusty metal landed on the pristine white deck. We didn't see it until the night time moisture turned it into rusty dots all over everything! How disgusting.

We found out products right away at Home Depot. We then rode our bikes to a little restaurant/bar on Stock Island. What a delightful find. The place is so "old Keys" it made me want to cry with nostalgia. Strange houseboats, working fishermen bringing in their catch in smaller boats, artists, woodworkers, metal sculptor, bizarre constructions interesting looking people and very few tourists. I'm glad there are still a places in the world where free spirits can call home.

There was a Publix on the way back to the boat so we got a few essentials. It liked to killed Dan to have to pass up the BOGO on his drug of choice, Pepsi. Can't carry 12 packs on the bike ...yet.

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