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In Marathon now.


A Travel day. We left KeyWest at 10am....even though we said we would try to leave much earlier. I guess staying up all night is easier than getting up in the morning. The wind was straight out of the east at 14 knots all day so we were facing directly into the wind and could not sail. We motored to Bahia Honda. We watched some other sailors try to tack into the wind but even at our slow 4-5 knots we soon left them far behind. Maybe they were local. It was a slow 35 miles so I had lots of time to do what retired people do...reflect and do things I always wanted to do....like splice rope. I have a book with instructions about how to weave ropes together or in this case , weave a rope into itself to create a loop on the end but I never took the time to actually do it. I did it today and created a more functional dock line. I even used string to "whip" the end of the rope so it couldn't untwisted.
In the reflection department I thought about how much more important to me the people in our lives are now that we have unburdened ourselves of all the "stuff".
My cousin called me last night to tell me about a remarkable trip she and her husband took. Her call made my day. I was so happy for her because she wanted the trip of a lifetime...and she got it. Trip of a lifetime? The life's not over yet...there's probably even a better trip waiting for her and she'll appreciate it even more.
I talked to my brother tonight and I was happy to hear that he follows us on Facebook. I didn't know because he never left a comment. He will send me a story my nephew wrote.
My son messaged me in Facebook from Paraguay!! What's he doing THERE?
My friend (and the adoptive mother of Tiki the most adorable macaw) Jayne, wrote me notes on Facebook about KeyWest and told me some great spots to check out.
I saw a post on Facebook from a former co-worker that evoked empathy on my part.
I thought about a long time friend whose husband is very sick in the hospital. I really want to call her but I'm afraid the news isn't good and I don't want to make her recite the story again. She knows I'm here and I care.
My dear Dan just came in to give me a kiss goodnight here in Bahia Honda, a place we came when we first started to explore life together.
Tomorrow is a short SAIL to Marathon and a weekend in a Marina.

Here is the anchorage in BahiaHonda. You can see the cut in the old Flagger Railway Bridge we came through to get to the anchorage. Once the trains stopped running they built a roadway over the top of the bridge tressle. A few years ago Penny & I we snorkling out there by the bridge footings when someone fron attop the bridge overlook yelled down to us that there were a lot of sharks in the water. We got out of there fast, went up to the opservation lookout and could see dozens of shark in the 10' - 12' size. We don't swim in passes anymore.

Bahia Honda 006

Bahia Honda 006

Thurs Mar 15th

Wow I really had to think about what day and date it is. Today we stayed in (on the boat) because of the wind. I read and waxed the decks that had to be cleaned earlier in the week. I caught a small fish, cooked, did some telephone troubleshooting on the refrigeration system. We spent about half the day bitching about the outboard motor and decided just to get a new one that suits our needs better. Well probably get it in Marathon since we have reservations for the weekend at a marina there. Tuesday we went into Key west and had lunch at a cute internet coffee house then went to the Mel Fisher museum. We looked around for a solution to our dinghy motor problem (it's too long a shaft for our dinghy) but didn't really come up with a suitable solution.



dinghy  with bikes

dinghy with bikes

Wednesday we found probably the best, free attraction on KeyWest. There is a new aquatic research/education center down by Truman Annex. There is a big Coast guard cutter there and another old WWII Navy boat but they are not part of the exhibit. The center is just packed with information and wonderful interactive displays. They have a big-screen movie about the relationship between mangroves estuaries and the reefs. It is very artistically done. I'd put it first on a "must see" list for Key West.

Tuesday Mar. 13,

Prowled around Key West trying to discover a solution to the long shaft engine problem. I think the best solution is to get a new outboard. We went to the Mel Fisher Museum. It was interesting in the historical detail about the Atocha but there wasn't much info there on the treasure hunting techniques Mel Fisher used. There's a cruise ship in port and everything is pretty crowded.

Key West

Key West

Penny outside a cool lil coffee shop in Key West.
Key West 010

Key West 010

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