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Marathon, Friday 3/23

Misc. thoughts.

Ok. So what's it like, living on a boat.

Well first of all it's not as confining as you might think. Neither one of us feels “cramped”. There's enough room to move about easily and we've got plenty of storage space. This boat just seems to gobble up stuff. But you do have to put everything away after you're done with it. The trick is remembering where things are. A bit of a hassle is getting to the tools or spare parts area. They are all in a locker in the aft cabin under a seat with pillows and cushions on top. Got to move a lot of stuff to get at them. And everything is packed in pretty tight, so when I need to get a socket wrench out it's a bit of a pain.

Small things are always needing fixed. Like a light fixture goes out or it's cover falls off. I might have to tighten the connecting wires or glue the cover ring where it's cracked. There is always something to clean. We try to do a little bit of the stainless every day. Or every other day. Or at least once a week. That's all the exterior stainless steel on the boat. The rails, hardware, cleats, clips, parts & bits & pieces. Also before and after sailing you gotta look over everything to make sure all is right. Then there is the weekly maintenance. Gotta check the water pick-ups for the engine, generator, refrigeration and the A/C. There's a wire basket screen in there that has to be checked. They pick up sea weed and grass. Gotta keep them cleared. And the fuel filters need to be checked.

We go to the store on our bikes so sometimes it may be a two tripper to get everything we want. Not bad cause so far we've been pretty close to the grocery. But on Key West Penny had me out pumping pedals every day. I thought I'd get used to it but after about 4 days I could hardly move, my legs were so sore. But now on Marathon it's not so bad.

Sailing take a tole on you too. Obviously you have to move differently when the boat is healing over. But mostly we just settle back in the cockpit and enjoy the ride.

I didn't realize what a list maker I am. Just about every day I have to make a list of the things I need to get done that day. Seems like for every 3 things I get done, I have to add 1 more. The days are busy.

So far we've been moving from port to port, keeping up on supplies and picking up things we need for the boat. Like today we had to go to West Marine to get 125 feet of line for our topping lift. It's a line that goes up inside the mast, out the top and attaches down to the back of the boom. I spotted a couple of worm spots on it yesterday, so we decided to replace it. Now I have that on my list.

Tomorrow I have to cut and bend a piece of aluminum plate to attach to the back of the dinghy. I won't get into the details, it's an experiment. Penny want's to make another quick trip to the grocery store and we have a new mattress being delivered dockside tomorrow afternoon. We'll have to fold and tie the old one in half to get it out. The new one is memory foam so it should fold and go into the boat ok.

There is a major issue going on here.
There are two ways into this harbor. One way is a cut through the mangroves but isn't very deep. And it has hard bottom and ledges. The other way, the way we came in, has a power line that has drooped a few days age and threatens to not let boats with high masts pass underneath. There are a lot of boat waiting to leave here but not sure if they can get out. And there is a weather window this weekend. I don't think we can get under that wire as we're at 63 feet mast height. We'll know more tomorrow morning.

The plan is to leave here Saturday morning early and head up to Key Largo. Anchor off Rodriguez Key and leave for the Bahamas around 4:00 am. Lard help me.

Sorry. Getting off track here.

Things I've learned living on a boat;
Stainless steel isn't.
Everything takes longer on a boat.
Except poo. Food turns into poo faster on a boat.
I don't miss politics.
I miss TV. Wonder how the girls on Survivor are doing.
You can't have enough bungee cords.
Don't buy cheap clothes pins.
A lot of things have more than one use. You have to figure out what it is.
A fly swatter costs about 4 times as much at West Marine. Cause it's “marine grade”.
You're never too old to get rocked to sleep.
You will always run out of water when taking a shower.

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Next stop – Bahamas.

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Sounds like you are both staying super busy. Becky and I have been paralleling the intercostal from St. Augustine, FL to Nags Head, NC. It looks like a boat trip up the intercoastal would be a real treat. So many places to see and visit along the way.

Enjoy the Bahamas!

by Richard Estes

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